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 For many people, going braless can be a liberating feeling. But what about nips? (#FREETHENIPS) Especially if you're wearing something sheer or fitted, dealing with nip slips can be a source of discomfort and insecurity.

I found Cakes Body through IG and I have never been so happy to be targeted by an ad! I literally have scars from a cheap boob tape that I bought on Amazon. It left me with blisters from the harsh adhesive on very sensitive skin. That will never happen to me again after finding Cakes, they use medical grade silicone, that stick with your body heat. . . GENIUS! This means they're comfortable, breathable, and won't irritate your skin. Plus, they're washable and reusable, making them an eco-friendly choice. Oh and now they offer a new triangle shape to fit bikini tops perfectly!


Cakes Body Benefits:

  • Comfortable and discreet: The soft silicone conforms to your curves and stays put all day long.
  • Waterproof and sweatproof:  Won't irritate your skin and stay on in the water or heat
  • Reusable and eco-friendly: A sustainable alternative to disposable nipple covers.
  • Variety of shapes and sizes: Cakes Body offers a variety of shapes and sizes to ensure a perfect fit.

 My next Cakes purchase is going to be the Lounge layer bralette. It looks so cozy, unfortunately, it currently sold out, but I will be stalking the website daily until I get it :)

Cakes Body Lounge Layer Bralette

Let me know in the comments if you love them like i do! Use discount code : PRELUXE for a 10% discount on your order 




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*Photos courtesy of Cakes Body

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