Have trust issues?
Here at PRELUXE we understand the value of trust. Shopping for any luxury item on the secondhand market can be nerve-racking. You have to learn how to navigate through the fakes and counterfeits that have flooded the luxury market. But relax, that's our job! We've got skills and we personally authenticate all items before we list them. Some items are even double authenticated, but using a second pair of eyes. We use, Real Authentication, Authenticate first and Legit Grails. All items that are listed $1500.00 and up, will come with one of the following, authenticity documentation, a original receipt/proof of purchase, original tag, authenticity card or certificate. If you'd like a certificate for any of the bags in which its not already included, you may add one to your order. This add on item is listed under PRELUXE MERCHANDISE.
We stand by our products and the authenticity of each item we sell. 
*We are not an authorized resellers of any of the bags/ accessories that we sell*




While PRELUXE makes every effort to accurately describe and present reliable information for items listed on our site, please keep in mind that colors and defects can look different through photography. Please make sure to read/ look at all information provided about the individual items and their conditions/ flaws. PRELUXE does not issue refunds for purchased items. PRELUXE uses "Real Authentication" to provide certificates but is not affiliated with this company. If you have any questions regarding an item you received or are thinking about purchasing please feel free to send us an email: or click the "Chat with us!" button.