Kelli Krystynak – Founder and CEO, PRELUXE

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Kelli is a fashionista with an eye for luxury stemming from her 20 years of experience in the fashion industry. After graduating with a degree in Fashion Merchandising from Kent University, Kelli spent several years in high end boutiques in South Florida, both co-owning and leading digital marketing efforts.  In 2017, Kelli joined Louis Vuitton of Boca Raton where she established herself as a top ranked Sales Associate and Visuals Team Lead, overseeing visuals for multiple South Florida retail locations. Kelli’s knowledge of luxury sales, passion for the consumer and entrepreneurial drive led her to found PRELUXE in December 2020, with the goal of providing a trustworthy source for pre-owned, luxury bags and accessories. When Kelli isn’t working with her clients or hunting down new merchandise, you can find her spending time with her two Puggles, Maybelline and Babs – two valued members of the PRELUXE team! Kelli is also a lover of coffee, cocktails, fashion & new adventures (@Kelelou).

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At PRELUXE we offer authentic, pre-loved, vintage and high end pieces. We stand behind what we sell and are always upfront about any imperfections of a piece. We also buy and trade luxury handbags and accessories. Want a quote? Just have a general question? Contact us at ClientServices@shoppreluxe.com. We are always here to help! Shopping preloved pieces, not only scores you great deals but also helps the environment. By shopping preloved, there are less items in landfills, less resources wasted and over all less pollution. Who knew shopping could help save the planet?


While PRELUXE makes every effort to accurately describe and present reliable information for items listed on our site, please keep in mind that colors and defects can look different through photography. Please make sure to read/ look at all information provided about the individual items and their conditions/ flaws. PRELUXE does not issue refunds for purchased items. PRELUXE uses"Real Authentication" to provide certificates but is not affiliated with this company. If you have any questions regarding an item you received or are thinking about purchasing please feel free to send us an email: Clientservices@shoppreluxe.com or click the "Chat with us!" button. PRELUXE is not associated or affiliated with the brands that we post. All images posted to this account are original photos & videos taken by or on  behalf of PRELUXE. All Brand names are registered trademarks of the individuals brands.