Looking for a Vachetta Strap Replacement without the LV Price Tag? Introducing OMB

Is your Vachetta leather looking bad... like i'm talking stains, watermarks & discoloration? Well I'm going to tell you about my FAVORITE handbag accessory company, Organize My Bag. OMB sells replacement straps and accessories for LV bags at a fraction of the cost. They are made from real leather and the quality is impeccable. Worried about the leather looking too new? This vvn leather patinas just like Louis Vuitton's (Check out some videos that I made about it on IG). 

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Don't need a vachetta leather strap or replacement? OMB carries so much more! The acrylic and chain strap are also amazing options. You can add to your bag and use as a strap or just add it for a pop of color and flair. (Watch on IG)

Acrylic strap, pink strap, colorful straps to add to a bag, organize my bag

Chain strap for handbag, organize my bag


Looking for a way to keep your neverfull clean? Try one of the OMB bag organizers. As a previous LV employees, I was constantly suggesting bag organizers to all my clients. Mostly from Amazon, inexpensive and a cheap felt material. However, OMB recently launched their bag organize and this fabric is like smooth like butter (Faux suede). Although, it costs a bit more than the $20 amazon organizer, it is well worth it. 

Faux suede bag organizer, bag organizer, Neverfull organizer. organize my bag



These accessories are perfect in every way and although they fit an aray of LV bags like, the favorite, eva, alma, palms springs backpack, mountsouris. backpack, noe, speedy, keepall, and pochette metis, They look great on all designer bags. I added a chain to my Givenchy Mini Antigona and it gave it new life. I also love adding these accessories to my Gucci and Chanel bags too. Save 10% on your OMB order by using coupon code: PRELUXE or clicking the link below to check out their full catalog.


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